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Betsy McLoughlin is a business and wealth mentor, author, and life coach, with a flair for playful possibility and a habit of singing in her sleep.

Betsy’s extensive background includes success as a store owner, Realtor, corporate manager, and administrator. She draws upon this experience to empower others in their lives and businesses as a certified Joy of Business® facilitator, and Being You facilitator.

As the co-author of nine best-selling books and host of the Imperfect Brilliance radio show on OM Times radio, Betsy is committed to breaking down the walls of impossibility, and enabling her clients to explore a more creative, innovative and expansive view of life and business.

In her classes and consultations, Betsy is renowned for her ability to create a safe, judgement-free environment where creativity thrives. Described by her clients as kind, nurturing and playful, Betsy regularly empowers others to laugh through life’s challenges and changes.

As a coach, she draws from her unique business perspective to invigorate her clients and take them on a playful adventure beyond the borders of ‘what’s possible’.

Betsy’s perspective is naturally imbued with a sense of joyful creativity, an expanded view of what’s possible, and a faith in life’s tendency to work out wonderfully. She maintains that gratitude is a gift that can transform any situation, and that profound change – in life and business – often comes down to asking simple yet effective questions.

Based in Maryland, USA, Betsy offers classes and coaching sessions in person, and online. She also travels the world facilitating classes.

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