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How do you perceive yourself?

How would it be to allow yourself something different?

How would it be allowing yourself Being You?

How would it be living without projections, expectations, conclusions and judgments of yourself or other people?

How would it be creating possibilities in your life, which you have never imagined being possible?

How would it be to create a space of lightness, gratitude and expansion in each moment of your life?

How would it be choosing to allow you all of it?

That is the way I live today.

That is how I allow myself to live, create and expand with the tools of Access Consciousness.

Come to discover this world of possibilities.

I hope to meet you soon in one of my classes in person or online.

– Access Bars Facilitator
– Access Facelift Facilitator
– Access Body Process Facilitator
– Abuse Hold Practitioner
– Intro Right Voice For You
– Put the Fun Back in Your Business (Joy of Business)

Participation in Classes: Foundation, COP, ESB, SOP e Being You, Right Voice For You, Joy of Business.

Graduated in School of Philosophy, Literature and Human Sciences and in School of Education at Universidade de São Paulo, Specialist degree and Masters degree in Management in Faculdade de Saúde Pública at USP and Instituto de Pesquisas Tecnológicas at São Paulo, respectively, works with Integrative Medicine, with Specialization in the Chinese Medicine (Dietotherapy, Phytotherapy, Acupuncture e Microsystems), New German Medicine, PSYCH-K®, Magnetic Bioenergy, Bach Flowers and Thetahealing.

Abuse Hold Practitioner (AHP)
Body Process Facilitator (BPF)
Stepping Into You Intro Certification (SIYI)
Special License
Access Bars Practitioner (BP)
Access Bars Facilitator (BF)

Upcoming Classes:

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