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Alba Molteni is a lady who knows how to create joy. She is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, and specializes in Being You Adventures, Joy of Business and Right Voice for You to name a few. She speaks English and Spanish and a little bit of French and Portuguese.

When Alba found the tools of Access Consciousness three years ago, she originally put it aside for being too weird. However six months later in a moment of frustration with the lack of change in 12 months of sessions with a client, Alba tried Access Bars® with her and had a such major breakthrough the client didn’t need to come back.

Alba embraced the tools of Access fully after seven years working in corporate for an insurance company. She has a degree in International Affairs from one of the top schools in Mexico. She left her job to deal with a body condition that doctors only gave one permanent solution of having a baby. With an incredible body awareness that allowed her to excel at least six different kind of sports and be offered football scholarship from such school, Alba knew she could change her body in a different way.

She asked herself “Am I really here to do this? Did I really choose to be on this planet and have this job? Is this all I came here to do?” When she asked a question she changed everything, she was following the energy.

“What I see that I have been doing for all these years without noticing was following the energy.” Alba shares that what you are looking for can show up in so many ways that most people don’t acknowledge it. Instead they justify, reason and argue that is normal when actually we are listening to the whispers of the universe.

Alba finds the tools of Access create more ease with money and business, she says you also “Get to be you without feeling less or wrong or too weird.” She empowers everyone she comes into contact with to know that they can choose to be more.

When Alba first found the tools she was just looking for a way to pay rent, and bills and there was nothing left for anything that wasn’t basic necessities. Now she travels the world facilitating classes and creating with amazing people. Through her classes, online workshops and free material, Alba invites people to actually be able to have fun in their life – to really truly enjoy it and not settle for whatever has been sold as the best thing you can have. She also believes everyone is entitled to speak up to whatever they feel is true for them.

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