Entrepreneurship has evolved. With the advancements of technology, entrepreneurship has also advanced and evolved. Maggie Emerson is a business coach, entrepreneur and global Joy of Business facilitator.  In 2014, Maggie cycled for 5 months around the mountainous roads of New Zealand, towing her two-year-old son the entire way. This journey transformed her views on entrepreneurism and helped her understand that businesses are more likely to grow and succeed if they are approached with a sense of adventure. We had the chance to speak with Maggie to learn about her, her business and the affect of her journey.


What’s your story? (Why did you start your business?)

I started a business because it was torture to work for someone else!  I had the pleasure of being home with my son for first few years of his life, then I had to get a job to make ends meet as our family lifestyle had changed. This job that I had, became boring very quickly and also included a boss that was not very kind.  Being bored and in a not so positive environment was huge motivation to create a business that inspired me and also worked for my family life.

I was able to quit that job and headed out on a three month camper van adventure through Europe with my family while I started my first business.  . As we travelled through Europe I was soul-searching daily as to what I was good at and could create a business from.  My first website and business was born inside the common area of a campsite just outside Courmayeur, Italy. I remember spending the days playing and sneaking off at night to craft my website and would come back to the camper at night hardly able to sleep due to all the excitement.

What is your background and how has that helped you with your business.

My background begins in Fitness and Lifestyle Management followed by a Degree in Physical Education. I always thought I would be a teacher, I just didn’t realize it would be outside of the typical classroom.  I have spent many, many hours studying the ins and outs of online business that lead me to being a global coordinator for one business and then stepping into my own business facilitating others in business and with bodies as well.


Tell us about your business and what you do. 

My business is about creating greater in the world! What does that mean?  Specifically the Joy of Business classes that I facilitate are about thinking outside the box to create businesses that thrive in so many ways.  My belief is that the purpose of business is to have fun. Sure, business can be intense at times, challenging too AND  when it comes down to the bottom line, business and life is about having fun and enjoying the adventure. I am all about pragmatics…doing what works and doing it in a way that lights you up.


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Are you an adventurer at heart?   Maggie sure is!!! One of Maggie’s greatest joys and gifts is to assist others to use question, choice, possibility, and contribution as a way to create greater in business and in the world. 

When Maggie is not facilitating classes or one on one sessions, you will find her traveling the world, discovering trails to explore and adventuring wherever she may roam.

Find out more about Maggie here! 

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