Most people seem to be ignorant of their body until something happens to it.  What would it take for you to have more communion and awareness of and with your body, to assist you with more ease, peace and joy and less stress in the body?  

I was actually one of those people who saw no reason for the body; I thought it was not as fast as I was, I judged it, and I thought I’d be better off without it, even though I was an athlete.  I certainly wasn’t present with my body, and I didn’t have that place of gratitude with it.  My relationship with my body has changed so much, and still changes every day!  

I have become much more present with my body and I ask it questions all the time like, ‘what would you like to eat?’  Before, I would find myself in my head, wondering what to do or what to eat.  Now, I ask my body.  Which is much more simple. It takes me out of the equation and puts my body into the equation.  And you really start to listen to it and can actually hear it.

Having total communion with your body is not about doing without.  It’s about acknowledgment and communication and it changes the entire dynamic of interacting with your body.  

The body has this awareness of how it can sustain itself, which we are not really taught.  So you need to ask your body questions about what it desires; for example, what it desires to eat, what it desires to wear, what it desires to look like, etc.  And, you have to be willing to receive whatever it says.  

It’s not about overriding it, even though you may want something that the body doesn’t and even though this reality will project at you that you’re wrong for doing some of the things your body might desire in any moment, like eating sugar, drinking wine, etc.  

I am so incredibly grateful for the Access Consciousness tools.  They have created expansion in my life in so many areas; business, relationship, sex, money and body.  There’s been a lot of things going on with my body lately, but each day I’m having way more awareness of it.  Are you allowing both your being and your body to contribute to the enormous creation of your life and living that is actually possible?

Tool #1.  One of my favourite tools to have greater ease, peace and joy with your body is to ask every day, 

What 3 different choices could I make today in regards to my body?  

Everyone can come up with at least 3!  

Tool #2.  Another favourite tool is to set aside one hour a day and one day a week just for you; to do something that nurtures you.  What if the thing you did for you was to not judge you?  And what if it wasn’t just that one hour a day and one day a week?  What if you actually could have no judgment of you 24/7?  What would your life be like?  Look at the energy of that.

Tool #3.  If you have any pain in your body, expand out.  One way to do this is to energetically take yourself to another country or city and pretend you’re there, so that you’re expanding out far greater across the whole entire planet.  If you expand out that much, the pain starts to lighten up, rather than focusing on the intensity in your body, and having and creating that as a lightness of being.  

What gift is your body to you that you have never acknowledged?

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