Have you noticed that most people talk about business as if it is heavy and solid, as if that makes it more real and significant? Have you noticed how not ‘joy of business’ that is? What would it take to have more joy in business? This is a question I have been asking forever. If business feels light and joyful and fun to you, you are already light-years ahead of most people in business. Are you aware that your capacities to create are already far beyond what most people are willing to choose? Would you be willing to acknowledge the lightness that you can create in business and the world, just by being joyfully you in business? One of the greatest (and simplest!) tools from Access Consciousness™ is the light and heavy tool. If you are making a choice in business, you can ask a simple question: “Is this light or heavy?” If it’s light, it’s usually correct for you/your business. If it’s heavy, please ask another question. For example: “Is this for now or in the future?” Or, “what is this?” and “Can I change it?” And if it’s an energy that goes CLUNK then choose again… there is always another possibility. Basically it’s about following the energy. When you choose in ten second increments with your business as well as your life you are never stuck with a permanent decision. That’s bringing joy into business! How does it get even better than that? Choose again… and again… and again. And have fun with your choices! What if this lightness is what can create something different, a greater possibility for business than has ever existed before? From the February 2012 Business Done Differently telecall. Join us for the telecalls 

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