One of the things that often comes up in private coaching sessions is the question of what to do when you have too many ideas.  Here’s one suggestion from my Joy of Business book that has created a lot of ease

“If you’re like me, you are always getting new business ideas, and sometimes you may not know which ideas to pursue—or when. Should you go for it now or is it better to wait? Gary Douglas has always suggested getting a little notebook and writing down all your business ideas when they come to you. He calls it a Possibility Book. Then with each idea, ask:

Truth, is this for now or the future?

By following the energy of the awareness, you will know whether the time is right to follow up on your idea, or whether you should hold onto it for some future time.

Maybe it’s a good idea, but now isn’t the time to implement it. Once you have some clarity about this, you can continue to ask questions and wait until the right moment. This is also a great question to use when someone comes along with an idea about how to expand your business or when you are considering adding a new product or service. “Now or in the future?” is helpful because often people kill new ideas if they don’t see an immediate use for them. Promise me you won’t kill your future possibilities!

Here are some other questions you can ask to determine the right time to institute your ideas:

  • Show me when I should be using you.
  • Show me when I should be selling you.
  • Show me when I should be presenting you. “   Simone Milasas, Joy of Business book

You can use all the brilliant material you have put together – when the time is right! Don’t kill a project if it is not working. It may simply not be the right time to bring it into existence. Use questions to find out when to pursue your ideas.

And know that often, if you aren’t instituting something, it’s not procrastination, it’s the awareness that now is not the time!  What do you truly know about what you would like to create in the world?

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