Do you know what one of my top questions asked in my Joy Of Business classes?  “How do I make money doing what I love?”

This is the one concept that seems to elude most people and I am not surprised, having joy in business is not something that everyone has or believe is a possibility form them.  The idea of doing what you love fills people with intrigue with a tinge of “is that really possible for me?”  The one thing that catches people the most is what you are good at and could make money from is something you do not value as it is so easy for you, you cannot see how valuable that is for everyone else!

This is a clip from my recent Joy Of Business 101 in Noosa, Australia where we discuss doing that you love.  You can listen to the conversation here.






What would it take for you to do what you love in 2017?  On January 5th and 6th Simone Milasas is doing a 2 part Zoom Put The Fun Back In Business.  What is it you love to do, what is it you would like to create in 2017?  Get the year off to a dynamic start by doing what you love.  You can join Simone Milasas here and put the fun back in business!

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