Smriti Goswami has never let “being a girl” hold her back from chasing her dreams. From a Navy Diving Course, to a commercial pilots’ licence and adventure-sport excellence, Smriti has excelled in many traditionally male-dominated arenas. Now Smriti, a life and business coach, is on a mission to break any enduring social binds and inspire women to build businesses wherever, and however, they truly desire.

Statistics show that women around the world are taking entrepreneurism by storm, with female entrepreneurs launching significantly more businesses, worldwide, than their male counterparts. However, most women owned businesses (WOB) are still limited to traditionally feminine industries – healthcare, social services and administrative support. This leaves many profitable industries such as construction, transport and logistics, and wholesale trade largely devoid of women entrepreneurs.

Smriti Goswami is a life coach, business mentor and Joy of Business facilitator with a refreshingly rebellious view on WOB. Smriti is drawing upon her personal story – one of boldness, adventure and limitless opportunity – to inspire businesswomen to expand their views on who they can become, and where they can build a successful business.

“I was lucky to be raised in an Indian household where being a girl was not used as a reason to limit my potential,” Smriti explains. “My parents encouraged me to pursue all my dreams – I succeeded at athletics, adventure sport and aeronautical gliding. However, I know many women have bought into a point of view that they can’t or shouldn’t do something simply because they are ‘a girl’.”

According to Smriti, one of the most destructive concepts women adopt is that they are not entitled to demand what they truly want. “Traditionally, girls are encouraged to be sweet, accommodating and undemanding. Women grow up with the idea that it’s not acceptable to inconvenience other people in order to fulfill their personal needs”, she remarks.

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Smriti GoswamiSmriti Goswami is a business mentor, life coach and certified facilitator of several Access Consciousness® special programs, including Joy of Business, Right Voice For You, Being You, Access Bars® and Access Energetic Facelift.

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