Before you come to any conclusions, please read this!  What if being in debt is not creating what you think it is?

Regular readers know I was $187,000 in debt when I met Gary Douglas, who is the Founder of Access Consciousness®. $187,000 and I pretty much had nothing to show for it.

I had listened to Gary and Dain talk about these Access Consciousness® tools in regards to money and it was my third class that I could hear them talk about these money tools.  To me it was like “blah, blah, blah, blah” and then I thought “Hey, what would happen if I actually used these tools?”.

So I didn’t tell anyone I was going to use the tools, because I figured it was like when I gave up smoking.  No one really supported you.  How many people actually really support you to make massive amounts of money?  Or do they prefer to compete with you?

Using the tools, I changed my money situation quite quickly.  For that $187,000 in debt, I was out of that within about two years.  I had money show up from really random places and my level of receiving increased dynamically.

What I realized was that once I actually came out of debt and I had money, nothing actually felt that different.  It actually felt uncomfortable.  There was a sense of discomfort about it.  So within about two weeks, I realized that I had created myself to be back in debt again.

Now luckily I had the Access tools and the awareness to choose to ask questions and to get a sense of what I was actually creating.

One of the things that I realized was that I was more comfortable being in debt than being out of debt.  It felt more familiar, it matched the energy of the majority of my friends.  And it definitely matched the energy of this reality.

You know you are supposed to struggle for money.  Work hard for your money.  Money is not supposed to show up with ease, joy and glory.  The mantra of Access Consciousness® is  “All of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory®”.

So are you really willing to get out of debt and stay out of debt?  Are you willing to be that uncomfortable?  Are you willing to be that different?  Are you willing for people to judge you?  So everything that that is will you destroy and uncreate it?  Right and wrong, good and bad, POC and POD all 9, Shorts, boys and beyonds®.

From the Debt to Money Play Telecall Series with Simone Milasas – you can get the full recordings, homeplay exercises and clearings in multiple languages HERE.

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