What do you need to make business deals that actually work for all involved?

In one word: awareness.

There basically is no contract on earth that can be created to make a business deal go smoothly. Making deals that get delivered in business is not about setting something in stone or having a water-tight contract (though it is important to make sure you do have yourself covered legally, so I am not saying throw them out).  If you are willing to be aware of what is actually going on rather than having blind expectations or projections of a person or party based on what is written or what they say they will do, you stand a much better chance of creating business with others that actually works.

An effective deal and deliver in business is to have awareness of what another party or person will deliver and won’t deliver, and notice when that changes. It isn’t about telling someone what their job is and expecting it to be done, you instead allows yourself to have a true sense of what is and what will go on with the person.  It’s really following what you know rather than giving that knowing over to anyone or anything else.

With deal and deliver, you ask: 

What is the deal?  What do I want delivered?  Can this person deliver it? Will this person deliver it? 
What do they expect or desire me to deliver?  

Even when you think you have a clear deal, do not expect that they are on the same page as you are from that point forward! It isn’t cut and dry.

I work with hundreds of people who host Gary and Dain’s Access Consciousness classes all over the world.  They get the deal via email and I get them to respond via email so that we have their verification that they are happy with everything.  One of the questions I ask is: Have you read this? Did you realise that this was part of the deal?  Don’t assume that someone has read it all.  We did surveys and asked class hosts all these questions so they had to look at what was involved in hosting classes, and they didn’t all have the same amount of information or awareness of the deal.  Never assume they will know 100% of the deal.  Be willing to go over things and ask more questions.

With Deal and Deliver, it also includes where you must be willing to see that something needs to change and then actually change it, no matter what it takes.

I have recently just broken 2 contracts.  I didn’t like where they were heading, they didn’t work for me, so I broke them.  A contract is almost always made to be broken. If you are trying to keep contracts so you don’t lose money, or to try and hold someone accountable when it’s clearly not working, that’s trying to control what someone is contributing rather than having the awareness of what they are contributing, and being willing to change something so you can create what you desire with more ease.

What if deal and deliver was actually about the contribution that someone could be to your business? If you were willing to ask the question “If I include this person in my business, what will my life be like in 5 years?” and have an energetic awareness of their contribution to your business, would you make a cut and dry deal significant, or would you follow your awareness and ask what 
else you could contribute to that person so that your business, your life and their life expands?

Deal and Deliver is a tool to help you use your awareness in business to create more.

I’ve done a one hour special telecall on the subject of Deal and Deliver as part of my JOB Book Club Series.  For more information on Deal and Deliver in Business, or to find out about the entire JOB book club series, click HERE.

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