How many times have you gone to make an arrangement with someone, whether it’s social thing or a business arrangement where you are getting paid, or paying someone else and you have come out of the situation cranky, upset, feeling like you lost out, were taken advantage of, or it was just nothing like you hoped it would be? How often are you in the middle of the situation and not willing to walk away because you think you can’t break the contract or lose any of the time or money you have already invested? You may have heard me talk about this term ‘Deal and Deliver’ before. What exactly does it mean, and how can this help address these common upsets when it comes to making a business deal or contract, or even a different kind of relationship? In my work with Access Consciousness, I and my colleague, Jonas Svensson, work together on a daily basis to create events all over the world. We create deals, organize classes, sign contracts and work with hosts. We use ‘deal and deliver’ all the time. So, what is deal and deliver? In truth, it’s about asking questions, recognizing what another person can and will deliver, and knowing what you desire and require. It’s not about locking in your expectations better, or putting someone in a corner so they have to do what you say, but it is a great approach for creating clarity so that there is space to know what is going on, what is expected – and how to more easily makes changes so that you can have something that works rather than something that doesn’t! A lot of people get weird or funky in business when all they really need is more information. If you or someone else has hidden information or hidden expectations, doing a Deal and Deliver will allow you to know more easily where you and the other person is functioning from, and you can begin to see what is actually possible to create together, rather than what you project and expect of yourself and other parties. Jonas and I love using the tools of ‘deal and deliver’ and we want you to have them too! So we got together on my Omtimes radio show to talk about it, and we shared lots of practical tools and questions for creating business, deals, and money situations that you can use straight away to contribute to you and everyone involved! Listen here for the replay.

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