“The beauty industry is filled with fix it products – as if there is something wrong with you, so you need to make yourself xyz so you can fit in a certain mould so that you can fit into a category of what makes you beautiful. We don’t buy into that, we don’t market the products as if there is something wrong with you. The products we create… It’s all about nurturing you and so you can genuinely feel and be beautiful… it’s not about fixing something or covering something up” – Samantha Sargent, founder of Be genki and Be Naturallyou.

One of the most inspiring women I know has created a beauty business that goes beyond what the beauty industry is trying to dictate that you should and shouldn’t do or be.

Samantha Sargent creates business from her genuine desire for everyone to embrace their own unique beauty. And she goes beyond the constructs and judgments dictated and marketed by the beauty industry to do it.

Recently, on my OmTimes Radio show, I had Samantha as a guest, talking about her approach to the beauty industry, her business and her life.

If you had no judgments of you, what would you see yourself as? What would you be?

What if a greater sense of self, of vulnerability, or falling in love with yourself again was possible?

What if adding these energies and elements to your business could create something greater than you ever thought possible, regardless of whether your business is about beauty or something else?

Have a listen to this call here:

OMTimes 2015 Creating a Successful Beauty Business with guest Sam Sargent

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