Sometimes people come into your life and they change your entire world.  Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness, is one of those people for me, in a big, big way.

Gary, since I met him and started working with him 14 years ago, has been such a massive contribution to me and my life – from the moment I met him, he asked me questions and allowed me to change any area of my life that I was willing to change, and also had so much allowance for me in the areas I wasn’t willing to change.

He is the creator of the tools and processes (along with Dr Dain Heer) without which, Joy of Business would not exist as it does today.  He and Dain were the guys who would talk in their classes about these money tools, and the the 3rd time I heard them mention it, I thought what’s the worst thing that could happen if I actually implemented these tools?  When I did, my life and my financial world changed, forever.  And it continues to grow! (Now if you are curious of the exact tools I started with 

read Dain and Gary’s book “Money Isn’t the Problem, You are.” – it’s a fantastic book!)

So Gary, who has a financial reality unlike anyone else I know, recently came onto my radio show, 

and we had a brilliant discussion, starting with “what exactly is a financial reality?” 

Gary explained “Reality is based on two or more people aligning and agreeing with a point of view.  

For example, if one person say “you have to use other people’s money to make money” and someone else goes “oh yes you are right”, that’s alignment and agreement.  That’s a reality some people have, but that’s not my reality.  My point of view is you have to create choices to create possibilities that can generate and create the money you desire.  It’s about asking.  If you can’t ask you can’t receive.”

Ah that big ‘R’ word again – receiving! I remember the first time he told me I should be open to more receiving, and I was “what did you mean by that – receiving?”

On the show, Gary explained “Receiving is the recognition that anything is actually available to us if we are willing to ask for it.”

And that was just in the first 10 minutes of the show.  We talk about creating money from question, choice, possibility, and what contribution, generosity of spirit and benevolent capitalism can create in the world – as well as Gary’s favourite tip “you are not nearly as f*$&ed up as you think you are!”

Listen to the replay of this amazing conversation with Gary Douglas, the Founder of Access Consciousness here.

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