What if you have never actually made a wrong choice your entire life? What if you are not wrong, and you haven’t wasted your time? I spent years travelling around the world, pretty much just having a good time, tasting the local food and wine, meeting different people. I sat on double- decker buses in London writing really bad poetry and people-watching for hours on end. Every single choice has led me towards where I am today and I am grateful for all of it!

What if everything you have done up until now is exactly what you require to create your life and your business in any way that you choose? Take my friend and colleague Kass Thomas as an example. Kass has spent the last 10 years travelling around the world facilitating groups and individuals to change all kinds of perceived ‘barriers’ in their lives.

She has worked for multinational companies in New York City, started her own theatre there, co-ordinated international film festivals, and created a film production company of her own in Italy. She speaks several languages including English, Spanish, French and Italian and has a love for and ease with relating to people from all walks of life.

“You know how they say you can’t have your cake and eat it too? You can!…Everything that we have done in our lives prepares us for what we are doing now, when we are creating our own business, our own lives, bringing that all into play… every piece of your life that you never even thought about contributes to that.”

How many skills do you actually have that you can acknowledge, explore and use to your advantage? How much more are you capable of that you haven’t considered? What’s fun for you? And what is it that you would like to create that you have decided that you cannot? Are you willing to bring down the barriers, walls and separations, and give up the reasons and justifications you have created to stop you?

Listen to my conversation with Kass here on my OmTimes radio show, where we talked about what it takes to go beyond the norm of this reality, and beyond the barriers, separations and justifications, to create a business and life that you truly love – anywhere and any way that you choose!

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