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What is your point of view about money?

What judgments do you have about money?

How much you have? How much you don’t have?

Do you have a limited amount of money that can show up in your life? Simone, founder of Joy of Business, was $187K in debt when she met Gary Douglas the founder of Access Consciousness®. She first ignored the tools that would actually change her life, her business and her money flows, deciding that the tools were for others and would not work on her. Does that sound familiar?

How many of you have come to a conclusion that you cannot change your money situation? You can change anything. This class will offer you 7 easy ways to make money. You have to be willing to change your point of view and do something different. Anything is possible. What is the worst thing that could happen? You change nothing or you could change your entire life. What would you like to choose?

Upcoming Classes:

7 easy ways to make money with Laurence Favier
Dates: 12-Oct-2019 to 12-Oct-2019


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