Have you ever considered asking your body to contribute to your business? It’s not something you read or hear about in business seminars, but it is a question that can open up so many possibilities! If you stop to think about it for a minute, asking this question actually makes a lot of sense. After all, when you make money, most of what you spend will be to take care of your body in some way – to feed it, clothe it, put a roof over its head, take it on vacation, buy a car to drive it from A to B. So why would you not ask your body to contribute to your business and to making more money? Your body actually knows things – like the plants and the animals on the planet, it has a consciousness of its own. And it actually desires to contribute to you, too! My friend and colleague Donnielle Carter literally has bodies as her business. She is a radio show host and facilitates classes, including the transformative Right Body For You workshop, and was a major contributor to the book of the same name, co-authored by Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness. Donnielle’s story is amazing because without gimmicks and dieting, she dropped 10 sizes in 4 months, just by creating more consciousness and communion with her body. Donnielle was recently a guest on my radio show where we talked about how she went from ignoring her body to enjoying having a body; how asking her body to contribute to making money increased her income, and lots of simple and dynamic tools anyone can use to start creating greater communication with your body. We also talked about changing stress with your body, and how your body can help you make expansive business choices! What if your body desires you to have way more success, joy and money than you have currently allowed? Would you be willing to let your body join you in the adventure of business? Listen to the show below: OMTimes 2015 Body Contribute to Your Business with Donnielle Carter

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