About 20 years ago, I used to do a lot of business in Asia – I would regularly travel to Thailand, India and Nepal, meet and work with suppliers, get samples of clothes and jewelry and then travel back home with a container full of things to sell to the public back home in Australia.

Traveling between these different cultures allowed me to see and experience a very different way of doing business. Some of it was fun, and some of it was not so fun, especially when I was dealing with suppliers who had points of view about westerners or women doing business!  I know that a lot may have changed in that time, and I was curious to know more about what business in Asia is like, and what else is possible.

Two business-women who are also Joy of Business Facilitators, and are more than familiar with the effect that culture and religion has on business in countries including India, parts of the Middle East, and Singapore  – Aditi Surti and Pratima Nagaraj – came onto my radio show to talk about the interesting points of view in these countries, the changes that are occurring and the greater possibilities that are available and just waiting to be created!

I learned a lot about how Asian business culture is different during this show –  the culture of working long hours in jobs you hate, or studying a degree or joining a family business that they don’t desire to do, and giving up what you want to do that would make you thrive in favour what you think you have to do in order to survive, and we had a lot of joy looking at the possibilities and looking at questions that can change this!

Please listen to the replay of this extremely information and inspiring conversation with Aditi and Pratima here.

What if nothing was impossible to create or change? What if you could change work culture by being you, no matter what country, culture or religion?  

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