Steven Bowman was the first person to actually make me enthusiastic about reading a company constitution.  He did this by inviting me to see that there is a strategic advantage in understanding a company constitution and how I could use it as a springboard for innovation and creation in business.

Two of his favourite questions to ask in business are: How can we use this to our greatest advantage?  And what else don’t we know that if we did know we could turn it to our advantage?

Steven and his wife, Chutisa Bowman travel all over the world changing the perspectives of CEOs and directors and boards involved in big business, enabling them to redefine their leadership role and expand their creative capacities.

I invited Steven to come onto my radio show to talk about how we can create and use business groups to come together and create more in business and in the world, because his view about being strategic goes way beyond the bottom line, and is very different from how I see most ‘big’ business function out there in world.

What is a ‘business group?” and what is that advantage of creating one? Steven defines it as “getting a group of people together in from similar businesses or sectors who are willing to create their business outside of what business is currently defined as,  and start asking each other questions.”  

“One of the greatest killers of any business is when people buy into the notion of competition.  What if there was no competition? What if you got together with people that were in a similar sort of area and we actually started asking each other questions?  No one can do business like you do.  If you start to think that someone can do business like you, you dumb down what you are doing. How you choose see the world and how you choose to interpret what business means to you is what creates your business, and no one else can be that!”

Steven’s brilliant point of view is that everything you do, everything that regulates can be interpreted in many different ways, and how can you use it and see it that creates advantage for you?

And if you bring together a group of people who are willing to ask “What if our sector didn’t have to be like this, what would that be like?”,  the sharing of innovation can become invigorating and strategic and create a different possibility in the world for everyone involved.

How you choose to interpret your reality is what makes your business the gift that it is.

How do you choose to see life, regulations and business? Are you willing to interpret your reality in a way that makes a difference in the world?  

Listen to the replay of my extremely innovative conversation with Steven Bowman here.


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