Have you ever had the feeling that you’ve missed out on something? Maybe you think you’re too late, too old, too young, not educated enough, not ready, not good enough, or any other countless judgments of you. Whatever your point of view is, that’s exactly what you’re creating.

Your point of view has more potency and power to it than what you’ve ever been willing to acknowledge. Once you’ve decided you’ve missed out on something or can’t have what you want, the door to those possibilities closes. If you’re not willing to acknowledge how much power you have to choose and change, you cut off access to a greater life.

What would you like to create?

I recently had a conversation with someone wanting to receive “really big money.”

I asked her, “What’s big money? What’s your definition?” Her points of view about money were slowing how much she could receive. Something “really big” has significance to it. As soon as you make something significant, you create distance from it showing up in your world.

Another woman desiring more money felt like people would use her if she were rich. I told her they will, or they’ll try to, but she still has choice. It’s your point of view about people using you – or any other reason or excuse that you’re using to keep you from having what you want – that’s the problem. What other people are doing has no bearing on what you can create if you choose.

You are the source of creation. Not money or any other resource, connection, education, or experience – you are. When you decide you have to do or be something specific to have what you want, to create a new business, have an amazing relationship, start a new career, or anything else, you’re dramatically limiting what you can create, and setting yourself up for massive amounts of self-judgment.

How much are you trying not to be judged?

When I was much younger I moved to London. I went all over Europe, traveled, worked in the Greek isles, all over. I was a backpacking gypsy of magnitude. I didn’t know what I was looking for, just knew it had to be something different.

The life I was choosing didn’t look like anyone else I knew. If I’d been trying to avoid judgment, I definitely wouldn’t have chosen almost everything I did. Judgment is just a point of view. It doesn’t have to have any more bearing than that. This is your life, what do you want to create with it?

Take a look at what you believe about yourself personally. What have you decided about you that keeps you from doing or having the things you would like? How about your business? If you continued to hold onto limiting points of view about you, your business, relationships, money, sex or whatever else, what will your future look like? Is that enough for you?

There’s nothing you have to miss out on, nothing you can’t create. When judgments come up say, “Interesting point of view, I have this point of view.” Repeat it as many times as it takes until the charge dissipates. No point of view is greater than you.

What else can you choose?

Whatever points of view you are you’re choosing today is what’s creating all possibilities for your future. If you truly got that, how different would your choices be?

Nothing is going to show up on your doorstep tomorrow and invite you to the life you desire if you’re fixed on the idea that you’ve already missed out or can’t have it for some reason. How much do you create problems so that you can never have what you want in order to prove the rightness of your points of view? You can fight for your limitations or you can get busy and choose something different.

If you think you have a problem, you do. Every time you create a problem, you create a stop to your creative flow, a stop to infinite possibilities. When you think something’s a problem ask yourself what you could choose if it wasn’t. There are infinite possibilities if you’re willing to have them.

Believing you’ve missed out on something, no matter how compelling the reasons, is just a way to distance yourself from the life that’s truly available. Acknowledge how potent and powerful your points of view are and get clear about what you want your life to be. If you never again let any point of view could ever stop you, what could you create?

Simone Milasas

Simone Milasas is a lady who knows how to be a woman, who sees the joy of possibility and future and knows that there is the prospect of possibility in every choice you choose. Simone is the author of JOY OF BUSINESS and GETTING OUT OF DEBT JOYFULLY and travels the world facilitating seminars with Access Consciousness.
You can find Simone every week on her podcast  –The Art & Industry of Business & Living available on her website and iTunes.

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