When you see two words like ‘Benevolent’ and ‘Leadership’ put together, it might be easy to mistake that this is a concept too big for someone who isn’t in a place of power, a CEO or prime minister of someone of importance. 

But in fact, everyone on this earth has the capacity and ability to be a Benevolent Leader and create a different possibility for the world.

I invited two of my favourite people and experts in the movement of Benevolent Leadership and Benevolent Capitalism, Steven Bowman and Chutisa Bowman, to join me on my Omtimes Radio Show to talk about what benevolent leadership actually means, and what choices and actions we make to become that in our own lives. In fact, they just wrote a book called “Benevolent Leadership for a better world”, which is a book I have been personally reading over and over again!

So what is being a Benevolent Leader about? 

Steven explains:  “Too many people look at here and now instead of what the future could be, might be, would be.  If you are willing to see the effect that the choices you make might have on the future, that’s all it takes.  It doesn’t come with your position, it comes about from how you choose to see the world.  Every one of us can have an impact on the world – one choice at a time:  “what are my choices here?”, “what if I chose differently?”  When you start doing and being that people will look at you and go “wow they’re different.”  When you start to be a benevolent leader, guess what you create?  More benevolent leadership!”

Chutisa urges everyone to acknowledge that each choice they make every day creates the future that will show up: “Most people think becoming a benevolent leader doesn’t actually apply to them – they are not acknowledging that everything they do in their lives actually affects and influences the future.”

Please listen to my conversation with Steven and Chutisa to find out more of what it means to be a benevolent leader in your life and how that can create more for you and everyone around you, and the planet too!

What if you would acknowledge that a better world truly does start with you?  What if the choices you make today can change the world now and in the future? 

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