Have you ever felt like business wasn’t your thing? Or that you had to pretend to be someone or something else in business or at work? My friend and colleague for more than a decade, Dr Dain Heer, the co-creator of Access Consciousness, author of the incredibly inspirational book “Being You, Changing the World”, is a man who actually didn’t like business – even though he is an amazing and creative person who travels the world facilitating thousands of people to change their lives, and is very successful at it! When he told me that he hated business, I was shocked, because I could see how phenomenal he was at perceiving an energy or a possibility, addressing it and doing what is required to have it show up – which is what business is! We have all these ideas about what business is, what it means and what it creates, that isn’t actually true. For Dain, he bought that business was this terrible thing based on his family owning a business that failed: “They lost everything and they were miserable. But, if business can be about being you, then I am interested! How many projections, expectations, separations and rejections do you have of business that aren’t’ even yours that you bought form everyone else that make you not want to do it?” Business in not about being something else, or becoming something different to what you are. It’s about being you, changing the world, making lots of money having fun no matter what you choose to do. But, it seems that business is the one area that people pretend or try to be somebody else in the most! So, how do you begin to be you in business? Dain suggests starting to ask yourself “what do I desire to create in the world?” This is not about having the list of things you want, it’s more about the energies that you would like to have in your life: “get the energy of the way you would like your life to BE. Take 3 minutes and get a sense of the energy you would like as our world. Put the energy in front of you, and be with that. What would you like to create that would contribute to the world you would like to have, and to your own world?” From there, how do you start to actualise what you desire in the world? Dain says “Well, you have to get off your darn couch and do something! And if you have the awareness of that energy, that sense of what you would like to create, you get to ask am I heading toward that or away from that?” If you have ever hated business, thought you hated business, or believed that you cannot be you and have a joyful experience in regards to business, you may want to listen to the replay (available here) a few times and see what else might be possible!

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