What could women be choosing with their business or life?

There are so many great ‘stories’ that we hear about being a woman in business – the pay difference, the glass ceiling, the work/children debate, the bias towards ‘men’s style’ of doing business.

What if we went beyond the ‘myth of the glass’ and started to choose and create exactly what we desired in business, and in life?

Chutisa Bowman is a very powerful woman in business. She is a global business advisor, author and speaker, working with top society changing companies and entrepreneurs of our time.

Chutisa believes it is important to stop thinking as a woman or a man and create instead just as you are!

I recently interviewed Chutisa on my radio show, and we had a great time busting myths about women in business and shifting perspectives about what a ‘business woman’ is.

A lot of people tend to want to be the chosen one. They are waiting to be promoted, acknowledged or validated.  Chutisa’s point of view about this is “I prefer to be the choosing one and not the one who is chosen.”



What if there is no glass ceiling?  What if money, time or kids was not an obstacle to starting out in business now?  What if no one could stop you? What would your life be like if you could create it any way you choose, exactly the way you would like with no one standing in your way?

Listen to the replay of this inspiring interview with Chutisa Bowman HERE.

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