Questions will change the energy around any area of your life that you think isn’t working.  I often hear people comment or make judgements about money rather than ask a question. 

A question can be as simple as:

– What would it take to have more money in my life?

– How does it get any better than this?® 

– What else is possible?®

– How can I have everything that I would desire in life? 

– What would it take for way more money to show up in my life that I ever perceived possible?

And having money is about receiving. When you go into judgment rather than question, you actually cut off your receiving.  You cut off the ability to receive money, to receive gifts from the universe.

So here’s a process to kickstart your capacity to receive!  Whatever you do, don’t run it for 30 times a day for 30 days – you just might begin to receive far more than you ever have before!

What creation are you using to invoke and perpetrate the limited contribution you are receiving you are choosing?  And everything that that is will you destroy and uncreate it?  Right and wrong, good and bad, POC and POD all 9, Shorts, boys and beyonds®.

So what is this process?   Invoke is what you are calling up.  It’s the prayer of making sure something shows up. “I never have money, I never have money, I never have money.”  You are invoking that you can never have money. 

And by invoking, you perpetrate the limited contribution rather than using a question to create the unlimited contribution.  You are perpetrating on yourself the limited contribution.  So the small, minuscule amount of contribution, the smallest amount of contribution that you could receive is what you are perpetrating on yourself.

From the Debt to Money Play Telecall Series with Simone Milasas – you can get the full recordings, homeplay exercises and clearings in multiple languages HERE

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