Are you allowed to ask for more? Does that make you greedy? What else have you decided it means about you?


What if asking for more is actually what creates a greater world not only for you but for everyone? Would you willing to ask for more then?


When you ask for more, you invite in new possibilities. You begin changing your life, your financial reality, and creating something different for the future.


What is it that you would like to create as your life?


A lot of people, when given total freedom to choose anything, don’t actually know what they desire for their life. You don’t have to know the whole picture, but what if you started writing a list of whatever occurs to you in this moment and then kept adding to it every day?


Start asking the universe for the things that come to mind easily. What would you like to have as your job, or create with your business? How much would you like to earn each month? It doesn’t have to be what you want forever, but what would you like right now?


Don’t make your desires so defined that you can only have specifically that. Ask so that more can show up, however it shows up, that allows you to keep expanding and keep choosing.


How many times do you choose something, it works, then you stop choosing? Don’t stop choosing; don’t stop asking.


Keep going, keep creating, allowing more and more to open up.


Creating requires action. It’s not about taking one action that works out great and then sitting back and admiring how you got something right. Rightness is a conclusion; it doesn’t allow greater possibilities. Ask another question, take another action, ask for more.


If you were choosing based on what would contribute to you every single day, what would you choose and what actions would you need to take?


That may not look like what you think it might. Sometimes the action required is that you take some time to care for yourself. Or maybe it’s as simple as making a couple of phone calls. Don’t conclude what’s required. Ask questions and follow your knowing.


Just keep going, keep creating.


Do something outside your comfort zone.


Beyond your comfort zone is where more exists. It’s where different possibilities can open up. How many people actually choose to go outside their comfort zones? How many possibilities are you cutting off by not choosing to expand your life in different ways?


What if you could live your life like an adventure? If you stick to the middle of the road where you know you can manage and predict everything, you’ll never expand into the possibilities that are available.


Are you willing to ask for everything that contributes to the joy in your life?


I often ask people what amount of money they would like to be creating every month. Whatever figure you come up with, double it. Isn’t that a lot more fun? Your joy is a contribution to everyone and everything.


What else would be fun for you? How many times do you limit your choices to whatever you’ve decided is available based on your family, situation, geographical location, culture, or any other factor? Are those limitations real? Or are they what you use so that you don’t actually have to choose your life? Is that truly fun for you?


When you ask, the universe begins to create for you. What choices do you need to make that will allow it to actualize? What else do you have to do, be, and receive more than you ever imagined?


I’d like you to have more. Would you?


Simone MilasasSimone Milasas is a lady who knows how to be a woman, who sees the joy of possibility and future and knows that there is the prospect of possibility in every choice and every new way to see how business is a source for creation. Simone has worked in many different industries around the world. She has owned companies, created them, managed them, and changed them, all with an enthusiasm to invite people to a different possibility in the world. Find out more at 




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