Do you seem to be working all the time?  Is there any end in sight?  What if work could be fun and easy? What if work was a contribution to your life rather than being your life?

Here are three simple tips from my Blog Talk Radio show on this topic that so many people find challenging.  And there are a whole lot more ideas on the show!

1.  What if things can be done quickly?

When you are flexible in the ways you work, time operates in a different way!  What if you work at night or early morning… whenever it is that works for you.  And whenever it is that creates joy for you, rather than the necessity of fitting in with the business hours of this reality.  What are the possibilities that will work for you?

2.  What if you could stop doing everything yourself?

We are great at doing all of the jobs in our business because someone has to do them… and what if you were willing to work yourself out of a job by adding other people to your business who can do these things even better than you can?  This is one of the biggest ways to stop working so hard!  What if you could work with ease?  And what joy could you be having instead of working yourself to death?

3.  What if you could nurture you?

If you do something that nurtures you, it can create something more in your work as well.  Whether it is going for a hike, going to the beach, or soaking in the bath.  Nurturing you is an honoring of you instead of a constant working to death of you!  And nurturing you will stop you killing your projects too!  How does it get better than that?

Go listen to the call… there’s so much more!  What if you could create way more by working way less?

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