When you have awareness of what’s required in your business, it can be so so so tempting to become the micromanager from hell!  After all, no-one can do it as well as you… can they?  Or can they!!  What if you were willing to relinquish a little of the control that keeps your business small?  Could that create a greater possibility for you and the world? In case you are wondering, micromanaging is not operating from the Joy of Business!  Here’s some practical tips from the Joy of Business book which could be useful as you build your business! “Micromanaging indicates that you, as a business leader, diminish your awareness and focus on the thought that things have to look a certain way. The problem with this is that thoughts are never going to expand a business; they will make it small, which is the micro part of micromanaging. When you micromanage, you go into your thoughts and your expectations and you leave the possibilities behind. You hold the reins on your employees very tightly. You tend to stand over the top of them, watch them and tell them things. This is not a workable approach. If you notice what happens to the business—and to your employees—when you do this, you’ll probably observe that the energy stops flowing. The money flows diminish, things start to contract and there’s not much joy. That’s because you’re holding onto everything. You’re doing business from conclusion, control and judgement rather than awareness, question, choice and infinite possibilities. When you empower someone, it is a contribution to them and to your business. You are allowing the contribution to show up for you and you are allowing the contribution to show up for them. If you ask questions of your staff and function from a space of awareness rather than from the solidity of answers, you create an energy of empowerment throughout the company, which allows people to be everything they can be.“  Simone Milasas, Joy of Business book

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