I was getting frustrated with people I was working with.  We would contribute to some things, and not contribute to others, and I knew that for me to be getting frustrated it wasn’t creating greatness in any of the projects.  I asked Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness® about it. He said; “You’ve got to be willing to see when people are willing to contribute and when they are not”

Convenient contribution is contributing only when you feel like it, contribution is being constantly in the energy of gifting and receiving. It’s amazing to see the kindness, caring and the continuous contribution that Gary and Dain are to everybody. 

Most people function from convenient contribution.

What I’d like you to look at is where you are doing that with yourself and your business.  Rather than functioning from contribution.  It is a world of difference! If you are functioning from convenient contribution, you cut off your awareness. 

You cut off the capacity to receive, know, be and perceive.  Everything that is and everywhere you are doing that, times a godzillion, will you destroy and uncreate it?  Right and wrong, good and bad, POC & POD, all nine, shorts boys and beyonds®.

Here’s an example of how this works: I was talking to someone who decided to withhold information about a business they were working with – to protect their position as changes were showing up. When you do things like that, you cut off what’s actually possible for you.

Creating the future is not just about you. 

It’s not just about you and your business, it’s about the whole world and about the entire universe.  Actually, all universes! When you are not the source; you are not the pinpoint person; it’s not all about you… it makes change so much easier.  If you have all the universes working for you, and contributing to you, everything on this planet is contributing to you, and you function from convenient contribution, then you limit your future by cutting off a whole lot of possibilities! Now being a contribution doesn’t mean you have to go around doing things for people. 

What if you could contribute energy?  

What creative and generative energy could I be with ___________? 

We have huge capacities to create and generate using the energies of contribution.  What if we are only using 2% of what’s possible?  What percentage of your capacities are you using?  Does it feel like more than 10% or less than 10%?  What if we could use more than that? What if we could contribute to the entire world?  Would it contribute to you too?  That’s being and receiving the contribution that is possible.  Are you ready to stop suffering?

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