I was doing a business coaching session with a client and I said to them: “What would make you start your business?”, and she said money. I asked: “How much money would you need?” She said $1000. So I said, “If you had a thousand dollars would you start?” And she went – ooohh!! How many of you are making an amount of money, (whatever that is for you, $100,000, $100 or $1,000) the justification for not creating something? Guess what, money is a creation. God didn’t make money first and then make people! We created money. And the good news is, because money is a creation, you can create it, you can invite it, you can destroy it, you can refuse it, you can judge it. It’s your choice. And your choice can be based on ten second increments. In this ten seconds you can judge that you don’t have enough money. Does that make you feel light or heavy? So in the next ten seconds, let’s judge it again. “Oh, I don’t have enough money to create what I would truly like.” Yeah, you can even do that all day if it will bring you joy! Mmmm, I don’t think so! So what else is possible if we stop judging how much we lack money? Well you could start asking money how it would like to be created in your life. You could start to create money from the joy of it… yes, it’s another way to have the Joy of Business! You could look at what you would choose if money wasn’t the issue. And you could start to do the things you are choosing with the money you have. You could also ask a question: ‘Can I have the money now please?’ often creates money in unexpected ways (when we are willing to receive it). From the February 2012 Business Done Differently telecall. Join us for the telecalls

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