If you think your job on this planet is only to give, you won’t receive what people gift you.  And this goes for businesses and countries as well. How much resistance is there to receiving the abundance that is available?  What if you never resisted or reacted to anything that was gifted to you?

I have been gifted lots of expensive jewellery and for a long time I did not receive these gifts.  I took the jewellery, but I hadn’t actually received the gift.  I wonder if you have ever done this?

Once we have the awareness, then we can change our points of view.

How do you get more awareness?  Ask more questions.  Nothing is rigid and nothing is stuck.  What question do you need to ask right now that will create a different possibility for you with receiving?  Here are a few questions to get you started:

– What have I been unwilling to receive that could change everything?
– What have I been unwilling to gift that could change everything?
– Where am I holding back my gratitude?  What else is possible?
– What awareness could I have that I have been refusing to have here?
– What if I could perceive, know, be and receive far more than I ever have before?  What else could I gift or receive?

Asking questions opens up the doors to possibility.  It’s one of the tools I use everyday to expand my business and my life through choices I didn’t know existed before.

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