According to a recent survey, entrepreneurs regard themselves overwhelmingly as visionaries, with an ability to see beyond the horizon and accomplish lofty goals. However, leadership coach, Kerry Garner Venter warns that most entrepreneurs are more limited than they would believe. She is on a mission to help business owners recognize the unconscious boundaries they abide by, and teach them how to approach business in truly limitless ways.

Business can be wherever you are. There has been an obvious evolution in this area in recent years, but many business owners still limit their business’ potential because of location. What if you don’t need a physical office or location? Even if you have a physical business, what are literal borders that you have defined? Have you not gone global because you don’t think that’s possible?

Read Kerry’s thoughts on how to push past your perceived limitations you may put on yourself!


Don’t look for a purpose or mission

These can actually limit you. Be careful if you have a particular business purpose or mission, as it may blinker you to what is possible for you right now.1 If your next opportunity doesn’t fit your purpose, you will overlook it.

Forget expectations

It never shows up the way you think it will. The best opportunities often come from unexpected angles. Beware of opportunities that pop up and look shiny and enticing – the ones that everyone else would say ‘Oh, you must do that’. The unconscious pressure to conform is powerful. Stay attuned to what is true for you.

Stop compare-itis

When you are attempting to fulfill your vision by looking through the eyes of, or emulating the journey of others, you will never find what is true for you and your business. When you inject the values of others into your business, you subordinate what is true for you and function from others’ expectations and projections. That is when you start feeling overwhelmed and unable to make decisions; you feel like you’re spinning your wheels but not getting anywhere.


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