‘Burnout’ is a word that comes up often in business, and in life. And there are so many strategies to deal with it or prevent it. What I have come to know from working with many executives over time, is that it really boils down to being mindful and listening to your body, rather than strict rules about what you can and can’t do or should and shouldn’t do.


When you have a lot going on, you can tend to become rather myopic and just focus on the task at hand. If this is ongoing, that’s when the typical signs and symptoms of ‘burnout’ can occur. It’s an expansion and a broadening of what you allow yourself to perceive that is required. That way, the body for example, doesn’t have to hit you with a metaphorical sledgehammer to get your attention. And, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to cut down on your work load, or only work certain hours, etc. Everyone is individual and has unique needs. Some people thrive on having a lot to do.

If you haven’t been present with your body for a while, it may get take some getting used to listening to its requests. Just think of when you are really under the pump to meet a deadline. Do you notice if your body is hungry or tired or even if you need to go to the toilet? Or do you just push through? If you’re more like the latter, that’s when it may be useful to look at some of the common ‘burnout’ strategies and choose those that appeal to you, until you become more proficient at noticing exactly what’s required for you and your body in times of stress. Just keep in mind that they are not strict “you must do this, at this time” kind of things, but suggestions and guidelines for you to adapt to suit your situation and needs. Play with them. Find out what you enjoy and what works for you.

So let’s have a look at some of them here on Thrive Global.

Laleh is a management and professional services consultant, Joy of Business facilitator and the founder and CEO of Belapemo & Global Wellness For All.

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