Retirement… the light at the end of the tunnel… the deserved reward for years of hard work that we’re told to long for.

Rarely however, do we hear of the reality of this transition and the challenges that come from disrupting our daily routines and removing the social interactions and purpose that have fortified our working lives.

What else might be possible to make the most of this new phase of life? What else can you create to find joy and fulfillment? What if you continued to “work” and create money from your passions?


Here are 5 questions to shift your perspective about retirement:


  1. What if retirement was not only an infinite holiday but also a new part of your life? What if retirement could create new possibilities to do something different? What do you love to do? You know those things you can do all day long no matter the time? The things you love to do so much that sometimes you forget to even eat or rest? Ask, ‘What would be fun for me to create?


  1. Allow yourself to do what you require for YOU – not only what others require from you. Ask, ‘If I were truly choosing for me, what would I choose?’ What projects could you add to your life that are for you? Is there a hobby you’ve always wanted to pursue?


  1. Have a look at your financial situation and ask ‘Would I like to improve this or not?’ What if you could choose to create a new business for you? Retirement doesn’t mean staying at home and reading the newspaper and watching TV, except if you choose it! What other revenue streams are available I’ve never even considered?’



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Laurence Favier is a Joy of Business facilitator and highly experienced corporate executive. She provides training, conferences, workshops and one-on-one sessions for small business employees.  Find out more about Laurence Favier and her workshops here. 

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