Most people don’t even know what commitment is and they think they are committed. To me, commitment is about the level of creation that actually occurs, yet, in this reality, the word ‘commitment’ doesn’t have a positive ring to it.

Recently, I had 5 Joy of Business Facilitators on my OM Times radio show, and I asked them about what they used to think commitment was, before the tools of Access Consciousness. Their answers were wide and varied, but the energy of it was more like a ‘straight jacket’. Comments were made about responsibility, sticking to your decisions, not being fickle, working hard, making a promise, and giving your life to someone or something else.

None of which are conducive to greater creativity. What have you decided commitment is? 

Commitment is actually to do with what are you going to create, what is going to work for you and whether you are actually going to follow that. It’s about being more present and more aware; where everything is included and there is no past or future; there is only the present and creation. Functioning from this type of commitment is more about the creation, the level of presence, the level of awareness and, most of all, the level of choice that is now available to you. And, it is way more joyful, and there is more receiving.

Committing to your life is being the most you can be and allowing everything to be in your life. Most people are committed to limitations and an okay life with ups and downs. What if you could create outside that box and create every day from new possibilities? 

There is actually so much more to be created if you are committed to your lives and your business. Things start showing up in a way that you didn’t think that they could and there is a level of ease with it all.

Do you realise the amount of energy you use to not choose, not commit, not spend the time, energy or money on yourself, your business, and your money flows, and how much harder that is?

And that when you do function from that place of commitment to yourself and your business, things get way easier?

Everywhere you are not committed is where you are making excuses to not create; and using reasons and justification for why you are not creating. When you are committed, there is no more ‘guilt’ for not doing things. It becomes more, “What can I create here?” and “What contribution can I be?” and “What will be joyful and fun for me?”

There is no handbook or rule book for life; there is just choice. Every time you have a choice ask, “What would my life look like in 5-years-time if I committed to this?” Would you be happier? Would you have more money? 
What have you been choosing that if you chose something different, could show up with way more ease, joy and glory?

What would it take for everyone to step up and commit more to their lives, businesses, everything? It’s more fun!

Step #1 Start Demanding Commitment of Yourself

Every day, ask questions like, “How can I be the most I can be?” and “What would it take to commit more to my life and put myself first?” It’s imperative to ask questions; the universe hears that you desire more. You are not functioning from a conclusion or an answer, which creates a limitation. Even if you ask, “Who am I today and what grand and glorious adventures can I have?” Wake up every morning and commit to your life, commit to your business, commit to more money showing up, and see what occurs. Perhaps you haven’t consciously chosen to live here yet; to be here, to create here. Just choose it first and then be the question, “What do I need to be here to create that?” 

Step #2 Stop Wishing and Start Creating

What I see people doing is wishing for something and not creating it, because they don’t actually commit to it. All they do is complain about what they don’t have, rather than creating what they could have. Look at the energy of saying “I wish I had ….” What does that create? Nothing. You start to judge yourself for not having it, or judge others for having it and you start to function from the lack rather than a space of creation. Judging yourself or others doesn’t create anything.

How many people go to bed wishing they had $1 million? What if instead, you woke up and said, “What is it going to take to create $1 million?” and actually started physically instituting and actualising what it would take for you to have $1 million in your bank account? Would you be willing to have that show up? Would you be willing to make that level of commitment, no matter what it looks like and no matter what it takes?
There is more clarity when you commit to your life. You become more aware of all the subtle things around you, without reaction, and of what you truly desire and want to choose; all the ‘wishes’ go away.

Step #3 Just Do It

If you are not going to create something, you literally are dying; you are creating more death in your body, your being, your money flows and your business. So, create or die! Just do it; no matter how uncomfortable it feels, or how weird it seems. And, never give up. Never give in. Never quit. Just go for it. Go for what is fun for you, what is light for you and what you know is true for you.


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