On a telecall I asked: “What judgment is stopping you from creating your business and your money flows?” The first comment was “It’s boring.” If your business is boring, for what reason would you not create something different? My Dad said to me: “why don’t you get a job in a bank?” How boring is that? But that looks like (as far as this reality is concerned) a good safe job. Nine to five – I can be assured of my money every week. What if that was never you? I’ve never been one of those people to get a certain amount of money in my hand each week to create my life. I’ve always created different jobs, with different amounts of money each week, each month and I’m always saying, “Wow, how cool is this, and what would it take to create more?” How many of you truly function like that and how many points of view are you buying from your colleagues, from your family? Family can sometimes be the worst. How many of your family actually encourage you to make more money or to create a bigger business? Or do they actually like to limit you so that you never outcreate them? Have you looked at out-creating your family based on money and based on how much money they have in their bank account? What if it was something different? What if you played with that tool and asked: “What would it take to out-create my mother? What would it take to out-create my father?” Even if they are dead! Because somewhere you have defined what they be, and you are making yourself less than or greater than that. What if you had no family? What if you had no friends? What if you had no colleagues? What if you had no culture? What if you just created from what you knew was possible? Would you be willing to outcreate everyone, including yourself? What if you could have the Joy of Business rather than the boredom of business? Could that create the money flows you are looking for? From the February 2012 Business Done Differently telecall. If you’d like to totally change your possibilities with money and business, join us for the telecalls to receive the clearings and a whole lot more!

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