Have you heard of “One Person Syndrome”? Maybe you have it! One Person Syndrome is the idea that you have to do everything yourself. We choose One Person Syndrome for lots of reasons. Some of us enjoy being overwhelmed. We say we don’t, but we must because we keep choosing it! Some of us like to be in control of everything and letting others do things takes away that sense of control. Some of us don’t believe that anyone can do it as good as we can or they won’t do it the way we want it done and so we’d just rather do it ourselves.


If you are someone who does “One Person Syndrome,” whatever the reasons may be, having to do it all yourself can seriously limit you, your business and what you are capable of creating in the world.


What could you create if you changed the point of view that you had to do it all?


Hiring people, working with interns, getting someone else to open your mail or help you around the house doesn’t just take more off your plate. It contributes an energy.


What if you were willing to employ 10, 20, 100 or even 1,000 people? What would your business be like? What would your life be like? What would it contribute to you, to them, to your business and to the world?


If you are familiar with “One Person Syndrome” and would like to choose something else, here are three tips for you:


  1. Change your point of view


As Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness says, “Your point of view creates your reality. Your reality does not create your point of view.” If you have the point of view that you have to do it all, or that no one will do it as good as you, guess what? You end up doing it all and no one does it nearly as good as you.


If you would like a different reality, you have to be willing to change your point of view. Here’s how. Say, “interesting point of view. I have that point of view” for every point of view that you have. What happens is that those points of view that are so real and true and significant, lose their significance and become nothing more than interesting. When they are nothing more than interesting, you can choose a different point of view. One that actually works for you.


  1. Have a look at who or what you can add to your business


When you function from “One Person Syndrome,” adding to your business is not something you wish to do. If you believe that you have to do it all and you are already too busy, you will try to make things smaller and more manageable rather than looking at how it can expand and grow.


Start to ask, “Who or what could I add to my business today to expand it exponentially with total ease right away?” Would you be willing for your business to be bigger and greater than you’ve ever imagined? Would you be willing to consider that it could occur with total ease?


Remember, your point of view creates your reality.


  1. Instill chaos into your business


Functioning in “One Person Syndrome” is functioning from order. I MUST do it all. It MUST be done this way. I CANNOT relax and have fun. Business is serious and I must be too. The order of this reality impels these points of view.


Would you be willing to let go of the order of how things MUST be in business? Would more be created if you were willing to instill chaos?


Chaos is question. Chaos is possibility. Chaos is the willingness to allow things to be out of the control of what order says is required, out of the definition of what others say you and your business must be and beyond the definitions and conclusions of what it takes to be successful.


If you wish to go beyond “One Person Syndrome” and invite more into your life and your business, ask to instill chaos into your business every day. Instilling chaos is when you lay it out as a choice and then let it trickle out. You’re not impelling it. You’re not forcing it. You’re allowing it.


What if your life and business were greater than you’ve ever imagined they could be? Would you be willing to let go of the limitation of “One Person Syndrome” and invite a greater possibility?


What choice could you make today that would exponentialize your business, your life and your living right away?



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