Anyone in business knows that it’s not always an easy road; there will be roadblocks. But what if you made 2016 the year when nothing and no one stopped you from creating the business you would truly like? When you take the energy of unstoppable into business meetings and conversations with your clients and customers, more choices will become available. It will be easy to recognise if something isn’t working for your business and you need to walk away – even if you have already invested money and time in it.

Here are three other ways for you and your business to be unstoppable this year.

Be a conscious leader

People often want to control every aspect of their business to make sure everything turns out right. Control does not expand a business — leadership will. A conscious leader knows where they are heading and is open to contribution from everyone. Ask your staff: what ideas do you have? What can you contribute? How would you do this?

Each person has a different perspective and your staff may suggest things that have never occurred to you.

Question everything

True entrepreneurs have multiple questions in their universe. They question everything and will change any aspect of their business that no longer matches their vision for it. What if you gave up all your preconceived ideas about how business should be conducted, how you should act with your clients, your staff, in marketing and with sales? Expand your zone of awareness and include the world in your business choices. What possibilities are available that you have not yet asked for? Ask your business to show you the money. Ask for the customers to show up and for your business to expand. When you ask questions with no conclusions about how things will show up, you set the wheels in motion to receive what you are asking for.

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