Audience question:  “One of the things I liked on your Joy of Business audio was the distinction you made between possibility and opportunity.  Where did that come from and how much of a difference has that made in your life?” Simone:  “I have included ‘major contribution from Gary M Douglas’ in the Joy of Business book because I know I functioned from the Joy of Business before and yet the tools of Access Consciousness are what have increased it so much more.  Gary is the Founder of Access Consciousness™ and he has contributed to many of the distinctions in my book. Quite often what happens is something will come along and it’s all like this you know, bright shiny sparkly new toy and what I would like you to do is ask “Is this an opportunity or a possibility?” Because quite often they’re opportunities and opportunities are designed to distract you.  They are not actually what’s going to expand your business or expand your life or expand your agenda.  When I started Access Consciousness I was $187,000 in debt.  So I started to use some of the money tools.  In a really quick period of time I got this job going on tour with a very famous musician in Australia and designing the merchandise etc. and going on tour and selling it.  And I made like $18,000 in three weeks or something.  So it started to turn everything around for me.  Now I was already involved in Access, I had this company Good Vibes For You, which was doing the merchandise for this and because I was travelling around on this tour in Australia with this people where going “Who’s Good Vibes For You?  And they started to question it because at that time there was another company in Australia doing the main merchandise sales. That was what I would call an opportunity.  It could have been a possibility as at that time the offer I had to go into merchandise for bands was huge.  Now five years before that I would have been incredibly stoked to be meeting some of the people I was meeting, going on tour with these musicians because I have always loved music and yet I went on tour and I was like “this is not the sort of tour that I wish to do”.  I was like “I’d rather travel around (and I wasn’t at that stage) with Gary and Dain and do Access”. So I started to look at all of that and go “you know what I don’t think that that really matches”.  It matches this bright shiny thing that was “woohoo yeah, I get to go see all these bands and travel around Australia and what else is possible?”  It didn’t match my total agenda and my target of changing the world.  I started Good Vibes For You to change the world. So that is an example of like an opportunity which I could have taken and gone down this road and maybe ended up taking more drugs than I was at that stage rather than actually going on tour with Gary and Dain and being here now with you guys and that is actually what matches changing the world for me.  So if you look at something coming along and go “is this an opportunity or a possibility?” and look at the energy of it.  And even if you use the tool of going “so if I choose this, where will my business or my life be in six months time, in three years time, in five years time, in ten years time?  And if it starts to get lighter and it lightens up and you can perceive then energy of something far greater showing up, then choose that”.  Simone Milasas, Joy of Business class

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