In the Debt to Money Play telecalls, a participant asked:  “How can I convince my partner to have positive attitudes about money?”.

Here’s the thing. It’s not for you to convince your partner to have positive attitudes about money.  You have to be in total allowance of their choices to either have money or not to have money.

Allowance is where you don’t resist and react or align and agree with the other person’s points of view.  To you, all of it is ‘interesting point of view you have that point of view.’  And then you choose for you!

If you’re willing to have positive attitudes towards money, if you are willing to have the happiness of life and living and money flows, then you might be surprised to see what shows up for him or her.  You have to be willing for them to choose anything, you have to willing to be in allowance.

How many of you have been holding yourselves back because of your partner, or your family.  What if you just choose for you? Would that begin to change your money flows?  Money follows joy!!

I remember when my partner was going through some stuff and he was lying on the couch for days on end, just sad and depressed.  And I checked in with him and kept going about my life.  On the third day he turned to me and said “will you stop being so happy?!”  It made us both laugh because me being happy gave him the energy of what he was choosing and how much energy he was putting into being sad and depressed.

You being you and choosing what you choose, no matter it takes, no matter what it looks like, will and can invite someone to a different possibility.  And you have to be not vested in the outcome.

Please don’t tell them what to do.  Do you like being told what to do?  Or being told that you have to change something or change your attitude?  That’s one of the worst things that you can actually do.  Because hardly anybody likes being told what to do.   They will end up resisting you and hating you for it.  Let them choose and you choose and you keep creating.
How do you create?  By asking questions!

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