Recently I spoke to Lauren Marie on my OM Times radio show about claiming, owning and acknowledging what you are actually capable of, because there are so many things that many people are not willing to acknowledge they are capable of. We often go into the wrongness of us or ‘that person can do that, but I can’t’.

What if you were actually capable of far greater than you have been willing to acknowledge?  What if every single day your capacity was such a contribution to not only you but the entirety of the world?  

Lauren discussed how one of the things people make themselves wrong for, is having an awareness of multiple things; they think that they must be distracted, or flaky, or not able to focus. 

What if this is a capacity that you have that you may not have been willing to acknowledge?  If you look at it as a capacity rather than a wrongness, then you are free to ask, ‘What requires me today?’ without going into conclusion of what that looks like.  

As a mother of twins, Lauren now recognizes that nothing is truly overwhelming for her, when she thought that so many things were before.  She realizes that she is bigger and greater than anything that could come at her.  

When you have multiple things to do, it all becomes a priority and you are actually capable of doing all of it and more.  But you have to get out of judgment.

What I have noticed is the huge amount of gratitude that has come from Lauren acknowledging her greatness.  Once you start recognizing your capacities and acknowledging them, they grow and you use them to your advantage. You can create with your capacities and even change the world with them!  

Where are you not willing to have a look at the uniqueness of your capacities?  

Throughout the show, Lauren and I discuss capacities as a mom in business, capacities in relationship, business and money and acknowledging ALL of your capacities – because you don’t just have one or two. 

What is fun and easy for you, that you believe has no value because it is fun and easy?  Welcome to your capacities!

You can listen to the replay HERE


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