Guest Blog Post by Heather Nichols, JCF

When things get challenging in your businesses, or they are not going the way you would like them to, what do you do? Do you persevere, give up, or change directions altogether?

When you don’t have the results, the income, or the success you have been asking for, it can be frustrating. What if those are the moments when there is a totally new, different possibility opening up for you? When things are not going the way you’d like them to, it can be a great time to ask the question, “Is this the change I’ve been asking for?”

Things don’t usually show up the way we think they will! When you can approach your business knowing this in advance, what does or does not show up can be a lot more fun! What if everything that occurs in your business can move you in the direction of more—even if it doesn’t appear to at the time?

If you have had lackluster results, income, or energy in your business lately, here are 3 things you can do right away to create a different possibility:

1. Get clear on everything you have decided is un-changeable in your business – So that you can actually create something different! If you have decided something can’t be changed, it can’t! When you clear the unconscious places where you keep yourself and your business stuck, so much more possibility becomes available, and miracles can occur!

2) Start to play with what inspires you and brings you joy –  What is fun? Why are you doing your business in the first place? When you can get back to inspiration and creating your business for the fun of it, you—and your business—will be so much happier! This is an irresistible energy that brings success, expansion, and income your way!

3. Ask, “What possibilities are available to be instituted today that I’ve never considered?” Institution is a key element of creating a thriving business. It is the day-to-day action that you can take to foster, grow, and expand your business. Without the action, your business will remain as lots of great ideas in your head! If you feel stuck with taking action, just start with one thing. This can often open the floodgates for a fun flurry of activity that changes everything!

What if nothing is impossible, everything can be changed, and you can get out of any rut you may be in with your business? Sometimes even a day or an hour, a question or a single choice can make a huge difference!

Heather Nichols and Katarina Nilsson, both Joy of Business Certified Facilitators (JCF’s), will be expanding on all of this and more in the upcoming 3-part telecall: “Un-Quit Your Business: Where Did The Fun Go?” Starting July 12. This tele call is specifically for people creating Access Consciousness businesses–Bars & Body Process Facilitators, Certified Access Facilitators, Bars and Bodywork practitioners, and Access specialty class facilitators. Just go here to sign up and learn more

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Heather Nichols is a Joy of Business Advanced Facilitator, Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, and has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. She has seen huge change, joy, success, and magic in her business and the businesses of her clients with the tools from Joy of Business & Access Consciousness. 

Heather lives and works in Colorado, Seattle, and all over the world playing with business as the adventure of living! You can check out her Joy of Business Facilitator Profile by clicking HERE.

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