What if there was a totally different reality with money available to you?  Have you found yourself asking for more, for a different possibility with money and life?

It is your willingness to choose something different that will create the change you have been asking for.  So if you find yourself asking to change your finances what now?  Are you ready for a totally different reality with money?  I have a 1 year program based on my new book Getting Out Of Debt Joyfully.  I will give you the tools and processes from Access Consciousness that I used that worked for me and with your willingness to change what is no longer working for you and monthly calls and homeplay you can change your finances and your life!

If you would like to know more about what getting out of debt was for me and now having a totally different reality with money you can listen here to my interview with Heather Nichols and get a sense of what questions I ask now with money and my willingness to choose a different way of being with money.




To join the program Getting Out Of Debt Joyfully – Year Of Change go here to sign up and check out what the one year program involves.  This year-long interactive course is designed to completely change your reality around money, finances and debt. When Simone Milasas first came across the tools of Access Consciousness that she shares in this course, she was $187,000 in debt. And then everything changed.

Simone is living proof that you can go from debt to millions when we choose to ask questions, stop judging, and invite joy, ease and abundance into all areas of your life.

If you’re serious about getting out of debt…we’d love to have you in 2017 for this year long adventure!

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