Max Zoulek was recently a guest on my OM Times radio show and as he said so eloquently, “If you are resistant to technology at all or, alternatively, if you think it is the key thing for creating your business, it’s going to bite you in the butt.”  

Max uses the tools of Access Consciousness with technology to literally talk to it, ask it questions, and follow the energy.  It’s about communing with the molecules of technology, so you can be more creative, and create more of what you would like to see in the world.  

Check out Max’s 4 tips to make technology work for you!

#1.  Acknowledge Your Points of View Around Technology.  The first step in allowing technology to contribute to you is to acknowledge any points of view you have about technology in your business or your life. If you then ask to destroy and uncreate all of your points of view, you will create more space and allow your opinions to be more of an interesting point of view, rather than ‘I hate technology’. Any point of view you take limits your choices and your creativity.   

#2.  Ask, “Who does it belong to?”  A lot of the points of view you have around technology are probably not even yours.  We pick up the opinions and points of view of everyone around us and often mistake them as our own.  I don’t hate technology, but I do buy into other people’s points of view. If it’s not your point of view, why would you carry it around with you?  For example, thoughts such as “I shouldn’t be in front of the computer so much” may not even be yours or be true for you.  So ask, ‘who does this belong to?’ And if you get at all lighter, it wasn’t even yours in the first place! Move forward and choose what would work for you.

#3.  You Are The Source Of Creation.  One thing I see people do all the time is make technology the source of their creation.  Technology is never the source of anything you create in your business.  When you have the point of view that it is the source, and you begin to rely on technology, rather than relying on our own creativity. You start destroying your business, because you are the source of creation!  You are the source of creation of your business.  When you acknowledge that, then you can ask,

“How can I use technology to my advantage?”

#4.  Don’t Wait For Your Creations To Be Perfect.  Get your work out there, even if it isn’t perfect.  For example, if you are creating videos for your business, and you notice something that is not perfect, just post it and you know for next time; you have it in your awareness from that point onwards.  It’s way more fun going for imperfect videos and enjoying it.  Perfection is a judgment.  What if you weren’t a perfectionist?  What if you were just super aware and super creative and it got twisted into some sort of perfection thing somewhere along the line? What if you were never wrong?  You have never been wrong; not even in technology!

What if you could use technology to help your creations grow; like an amplifier for what you desire to create in the world?   

Simone Milasas hosts a weekly radio show, Joy of Business, on OM Times, where she interviews various Access Consciousness facilitators from around the world on all topics.  She is the worldwide coordinator for Access Consciousness, creator of Joy of Business, author, facilitator and mentor.  You can listen to all the replays at:


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