Creativity doesn’t belong to a certain group of people. We all have it inside of us, and it’s just waiting to be displayed for the world to enjoy. Are you ready to let your creativity bloom and become a natural part of your life and business? Tag along!

Perhaps you’re running a successful business, but still feel a lack of joy in what you do? Or perhaps you’re thinking of taking that big scary leap and act on your dreams? Maybe you would just like to add a bit of soul to your daily life?

In all cases, the tools to start creating with ease can be of use. By constantly asking the right questions about yourself and your business, and by allowing a limitless creative flow, you will soon find that your possibilities are endless. Your business will suddenly include much more of the stuff you really love, and that abstract dream will suddenly be your reality.

Here are a few hands-on tips on how to remove all imaginary obstacles and let creativity work its magic:

Be Creatively Curious

In business, status quo is status no. The same should apply to everything in life. If you desire a change that brings joy and color to what you do – start by asking yourself these questions: What are the obstacles that are holding me back? Are my points of view even my own, or someone else’s? What can I do with this thing that I haven’t yet considered? What else is possible? Very often, the way we look at things are in fact the projections of others around us. Just by realizing that your prejudices belong to someone else, means you’re on the right track. Creation demands an open mind, so open up and take in!

Screw What’s Not You

When it comes to creativity, there’s no such thing as limitation, and still people always try to tell you how you need to create in a certain way. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your creativity is something that comes from the inside, so how could it possibly be limited to someone else’s points of view? Are you going to do it their way, or your own?

Get Gut-Wise

It’s not bad to have a good business-head. However, being creative is more about trusting your gut. When you explore your creativity and integrate your creation with your business, always trust what you know is right for you. When your gut collaborates with your head, is when amazing things start to happen. Are you willing to choose and go for what’s light instead of what’s heavy?

See Possibilities, Not Problems

Many of us have built up walls that seemingly protect us from the scary possibilities in life. Instead of embracing the adventure, we try to shelter ourselves from it. Makes no sense at all, right? To start creating with ease, limitation must go out the window and stay out. The point of view that something you desire to create is impossible is simply not worth wasting another minute on. Taking the perspective that everything is possible opens up for greater creations and contributions to your life and business.

Out-Create Yourself Every Single Day

So you think you’ve reached your creative peak? Of course you haven’t! Because truth is, the journey never ends. Like rings on water, creation only grows and keeps on giving. The more you are willing to let in, the more it will affect your soul – and probably your sales too. Many times, the best ideas for a new business possibility comes when you’re in a creative flow and don’t even think about numbers and figures. Money follows joy, not the other way around. Choosing to create will give you the better of two worlds.

Once you get going creatively, make sure to keep it up. To constantly explore new exciting angles, without feeling any stress about it, is what creates sustainable growth in the long run – in business, life and your financial reality.


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