Joy of Business Comes to Slovenia

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Simone Milasas, successful entrepreneur, international business owner and author of Joy of Business is doing business from an entirely different space— that of gratitude and JOY!… And people are finding her method’s contagious! Join Simone  for Access Business 101 &102 live-streamed in Ljubljana!!

Access Business 101 – Business Done Different

– 19th April 2017

Access Business 102 – The Adventure of Business & Living

– 20th & 21st April 2017

Turn ON the Magic in Business with JCF, Haris Omanovic

– 20th April 2017 (evening class)

Access Business 101 – Business Done Different

This class is about giving you some pragmatic tools and processes from Access Consciousness that you can apply in your business and your finances.

“After using the tools in this class I actually increased my revenue streams and the profit coming in. It was easy, fun and I’m still asking questions of what else is possible.” Sam, Australia.

Your business or job should be something that is fun for you to create every day. If it isn’t then why are you doing it?

This class asks the question, “What if business was fun, and money followed joy and not the opposite?” Throughout, this class gives you tools that can be used to create more in any aspect of business and at any level.

Not just for corporates or business owners, you will come away from this class with a greater sense of joy in business to change virtually anything.

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Did you know that Joy of Business manuals are now available in other languages? We have French, German, Turkish, Hungarian, and Japanese right now.

Turn on the Magic of Business – Evening Class with Haris Omanovic

What if everything in life and business doesn’t have to be so hard? How bad are you trying to succeed in this reality, create more money by working hard or being smart?

What if something else is possible? What if it can be much easier, more joyful?

How much are you hiding the magic of living and the magic of you? What change can you create in your life and business if you start using it?

What is possible if you include the Magic in your business and start creating what you desire?


Haris Omanovic, Joy of Business and Access Consciousness certified facilitator, has been an entrepreneur for more than a decade with experiences in sales, marketing, media, services and finances. He has been in life-coaching and personal growth business for the last six years. Together with participants in his classes, personal sessions and on seminars all around the world, he is exploring what life can be, what we can be with our bodies, with other people, with this planet and what is more we can create. He is interested in unconceivable living and life beyond our imagination.


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