Most people don’t see any joy in business, let alone have fun. They see business as hard, stressful, stuck, a struggle… and a whole lot of things that business can be, but doesn’t have to be!

What if business was fun, and money followed joy and not the opposite?

Is now the time for a joyful workplace?

Putting the Fun Back in Business” is where you can begin to look at what your point of view truly is without influence of projections and obligations. Not just for corporates or business owners. If anything could be possible in business, what would you choose? What would you need to change to make that choice a reality in your business? Would you be willing to know it can be this simple? Make a choice… change whatever is required… create the Joy of Business™!

Simone Milasas

Founder/Creator, Joy of Business

The Class

Fun implies ease, success, adventure, and joy.  What if you had everything required to run a successful business? What if you could duplicate it into many successful ventures?

This class is facilitated all over the world by Put the Fun Back in Business Facilitators.

Upcoming Classes

Remets du Fun dans ton Business - PTF French Telecall with Laurence Favier
Chez vous France, Dates: 21-Feb-2017 to 28-Feb-2017

PTF - Put the Fun Back in Business Live Online PODS with Heather Nichols
LIVE-STREAMED USA - live streamed online, Dates: 18-Mar-2017 to 18-Mar-2017

PTF - Put the Fun Back in Business Live Online with Rebecca Hulse
London W2 3NS UK, Dates: 07-Apr-2017 to 07-Apr-2017

Remets du Fun dans ton Business - PTF French Telecall with Laurence Favier
Depuis votre ordinateur, votre tablette ou votre PC France, Dates: 30-May-2017 to 31-May-2017

PTF - Put the Fun Back in Business Online with Laleh Hancock
Potomac Maryland USA, Dates: 07-Jun-2017 to 07-Jun-2017


The Facilitators

“My target is to have 1000’s of JOB Facilitators around the world so that we can become an authority in the world on how to be and do business with a difference. The planet requires something different. You are something different. What if business could be created from what you know, not what you have been told? Oh and you have to get rich and wealthy! So people start to take notice of you!” – Simone Milasas, Founder/Creator of Joy of Business

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Try a Taste

What if those easy and fun things for you were actually what could make you more money than you can imagine? What would you have to do and who would you have to talk to and where would you have to go to start creating that as a reality, right away? And how much fun could you have creating?

Simone Milasas

Founder/Creator, Joy of Business

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