If I were to tell you it is possible to put the fun back in business what would you say?  What comes up when you consider business being joyful? Usually the question is met by crickets!   Most people don’t see any joy in business, let alone have fun. They see business as hard, stressful, stuck, a struggle… and a whole lot of things that business can be, but doesn’t have to be! What if you did not have to wait for the weekend and everyday was fun?  What would you choose?

Would you be willing to stand out from the crowd and enjoy every moment of every day, which includes business. What would it take to put the fun back in your business?

There is a new class, Put The Fun Back In Business, with facilitators worldwide to choose from to not only enjoy the class with them but go out into the world spreading your joy and enthusiasm for business and life!  You can listen HERE to my recent telecall on the topic.  



Go here to find out all the ways to put the FUN back in business!


“Putting the Fun Back in Business is where you can begin to look at what your point of view truly is without influence of projections and obligations. Not just for corporates or business owners. If anything could be possible in business, what would you choose? What would you need to change to make that choice a reality in your business? Would you be willing to know it can be this simple? Make a choice… change whatever is required… create the Joy of Business™!” 

Simone Milasas, Founder/Creator, Joy of Business




All of life comes to us with ease and joy and glory®

Right and wrong, good and bad, POD and POC, all 9, shorts, boys and Beyonds®.

What else is possible?

How does it get any better than this?

What contribution can you be?

What’s right about this I’m not getting?

Who does it belong to?

What future can you create with the choices you make today?

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