Relationships & Money: 3-part telecall with Simone and Brendon (06/11/17)

$420.00 AUD


Welcome to this 3-part telecall with Simone Milasas and Brendon Watt, all about Relationships & Money! This amazing telecall was recorded on 6-8/11/17 and features Simone on the first call, Brendon on the second, and both of them together on the third call. 

How many of you shut down when you put these two words together?  
How many of you desire to keep them separate and think you should have them joined?
How many of you think there is a right way to do this?

Your purchase will include video and audio of the calls, as well as written clearings and an audio clearings loop for each call. 

Are you ready for some MASSIVE change?! 


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