Joy of Business Advanced 2 Day – February 2015 Poland (English & Polski)

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Do you find you work much more for your business than your business works for you? Are you always worried about your bottom line? Are you wondering what joy and business are doing in the same sentence? Do you know something needs to change in your business yet have no idea what?

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Simone Milasas, successful entrepreneur, international business owner and author of Joy of Business is doing business from an entirely different space— that of gratitude and JOY!… And people are finding her method’s contagious! Join her in this two day workshop and discover:
• How to make business choices that are based on what you know. What if you knew way more than what you have been willing to acknowledge?
• What If you could be a contribution to your business without getting stressed or anxious? What if you could have fun with your business? Money follows JOY. So what if you were being JOYFUL in your business?
• What would it take to not be the source for your business? Do you walk, sleep, eat your business? What if the business added to your life instead?
Please bring questions about your business. This two day class format will provide an opportunity to address your individual businesses and will create a space to transform anything you are truly willing to change.

“Wow what an incredible facilitator Simone Milasas is. I was asking for a different way I could be functioning with the businesses I already have. I really didn’t know where to begin. Simone got me to look at the place where I was functioning from everyone else’s points of view about business, of what it is, what it’s for, and how it works, none of which ever worked for me. Simone showed me the potency of being totally present with business and doing things the way they work for me. She is such a great gift. I am so so grateful for the awareness of me, and the difference I can be in my own life and business. Thank you so much Simone.” California, USA

“Simone’s willingness to function from such great awareness allows her to see spaces you may be contracting your business that you would never think of. By asking questions, Simone finds and unlocks the energy of where you are stuck in your business and allows things to change and transform almost instantly. I wouldn’t miss her class for the world.” Sunshine Coast, Australia.

This class is part of a prerequisite for becoming a JOY OF BUSINESS Facilitator.

This is a recording from the Joy of Business Advanced 2 Day class in Helsingborg, Sweden in February 2015

Included: in English and Polish

The Pre-requisite for this class is to have done the Joy of Business Foundation or Access Business 101 class.  Once we have confirmed you have completed this pre-requisite check we will send you the downloads

MP3 recordings of the full 2 day class

PDF Manual


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