So you have your great idea and are about to set the wheels in motion? Great job! Now it’s all down to one small detail. Although it is not that small of a detail in the grand scheme of your business. So, what will you name your business?

The naming stage of a business, product or service is where many of us get stuck. This is a common problem for all sorts of companies, from the smallest startup to the international corporation. Naming your business may seem easy, but in reality there are many pitfalls you need to avoid.

If you’re new to this and don’t know the first thing about legal and linguistic evaluations, copyrights and strategic platforms, that’s totally ok. Those things are all very important steps of a thorough naming process, but let’s save them for another time.

The main issue for many is actually step one: how do I think creatively around names and what do I need to consider?

These tips and tricks from Katarina Nilsson will hopefully give you a few insights on naming your ”baby” to give it the best possible start in life, read the full article here in Ms Career Girl 

Katarina Nilsson is a coach with an ICF diploma, a certified Access Consciousness facilitator and a certified Joy of Business facilitator. She is an entrepreneur with 15 years’ experience as a naming expert and strategist. Through her business, Eqvarium, she has helped create names for some of the world’s most recognisable brands such as Sony Ericsson, H&M, Toyota, Electrolux and BabyBjörn. Katarina is also an artist and offers her paintings, creative workshops, lectures and coaching to clients all over the world. Visit Katarina Nilsson Artwork to view her art and for more information.

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